Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles growing and providing offers to consumers but they also have some Pros and Cons of Electric vehicles when compared it with conventional gasoline-powered cars. One of the biggest questions prospective electric car buyers face is whether to purchase an all-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or a gasoline-powered new car.

Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

If we talked about the Pros of Electric Vehicles then Electric vehicles are energy efficient. Electric vehicles reduce excretion. Electric cars require low maintenance so it’s saving us money also at this point.

If we will talked about its cons then electric vehicles can’t travel so far .it takes time to charge the battery so its time taking too. Electric vehicles are sometimes more expensive.

Advantages of Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are increasing their popularity day by day, and people are looking toward electric vehicles to buy.

The electric vehicles are not just Eco-friendly but also they help to save up money. an electric vehicle or looking for more information then must read about the advantages and disadvantages of having an EV.


Energy efficient-Renewable energy source

conventional automobile function reduces the word fossil fuel stocks while Electric vehicles run on renewable power. Energy efficiency refers to the amount of energy from the fuel source that is converted into actual energy for powering the wheels of a vehicle. AEVs like offerings from Tesla are far more efficient than conventional gas-powered vehicles: AEV batteries convert 59 to 62 per cent of energy into vehicle movement while gas-powered vehicles only convert between 17 and 21 per cent. This means that charging an AEV’s battery puts more towards actually powering the vehicle than filling a gas tank.

Energy efficient-Renewable energy source
Energy efficient-Renewable energy source


Fossil fuels is limited and their use is destroying our environment while in electric vehicles there are no emissions or gas exhaust. Toxic emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles have adverse effects on people’s health while the emissions impact of electric vehicles is much lower than petrol\diesel\CNG vehicles. Electric vehicles care the human health so this vehicle prevents the environment from noise pollution Electrical engines are much quieter than other fuel-orientated cars used in the making of electric vehicles.

 Electric cars are specially designed according to be environmentally friendly.

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Low Maintenance

Electric vehicles have very low maintenance costs because electric cars do have not many moving components. Repairs of electric vehicles are also easier than combustion engines.

Whether you have an E-rikshaw \cab\Bike\ bicycle\car and motorcycle or any other vehicle, weekly or monthly maintenance is must requires to increase the vehicle’s lifetime. Maintenance is never cheap and required a huge cost every month but the maintenance of electric vehicles is pocket-friendly.

One more thing we have noticed is that all-electric cars use the electrical engine\motor which did not require an oil change or other lubricants for the servicing of the engine, so maintenance of electric vehicles saves up money.

. Therefore, the yearly cost of running an electric vehicle is almost low as a combustion engine.

Safe in Drive

Safe in Drive

Electric cars are very safe to drive and Safety of life is very important while driving the car. Your life is very important from anything. If we are talking about safety electric car is very safe to drive than other. Electric vehicles give smooth and safe driving on long trips. Electric vehicles give smooth running as the other expensive cars do. You will feel no jumps while running your electric vehicle on the road. It will go smoothly on a long journey

Electric vehicles have a seat belt attached for the safety of the driver and the side seat. Moreover, it comes with safety airbags and apart from that driver cut the electric supply to the car in case of an accident, which will stop your car immediately.

The other benefit of having an electric vehicle is that it prevents you from a rollover during a speedy accident. The material used in electric vehicle manufacturing is durable and strong and it did not damage easily due to accidents.

Safe in Drive

Easy to charge –Home charging

It’s very relaxing for us that electric vehicles will charge automatically with electricity. no need to reach the petrol station for fuel refilling just plug in the battery in the charger. EV owners can control the charging process just by downloading the mobile application.

Plugin the car into a charging point at night and the car will be ready for a smooth and safe drive in the morning.

This is very easy just plug your vehicle in at your home charger for 4-5 hours before you plan to go.

Apart from that you will find Ev charging points like malls\shopping centres\hospitals\hotels and more places. so its easier to charge. We can search the charging stations through Google map also. It’s much easier to search.

  • Advantage in Tax Reduction:

The most useful advantage of using an electric vehicle is Eco friendly for the environment. Many organizations are working with the help of government institutes and trying to overcome environmental pollution for many years. To fulfil their mission government are taking necessary steps like Registration fees and road tax on purchasing electric vehicles are lesser than petrol or diesel vehicles. The government is giving incentives and tax deductions also for all those who are shifting to electric cars from fuel-oriented cars. This is a huge benefit for all the EVs users.

There are multiple policies and incentives offered by the government depending on state to state. This advantage also saves up users from paying heavy taxes. In simple words when you buy any electric vehicle the road tax and registration charges will be quite less than any other diesel or petrol engine. The government are providing many incentives and offers to encourage you to shift to electric cars from fuel-oriented cars.

For Tax Benefts Read More……

 Easy to Drive

Electric vehicles are very smooth and easy to drive. There are no gears, no complicated controls, just accelerate, brake, and steer. When you want to charge your vehicle, just plug it in even at your home or public charger..

  • The popularity of Electric vehicles:

If want to impress others and to stand alone like a moon with pride in a crowd than an electric vehicle will work best among other vehicles. These days electric vehicles are coming in very exterior look and nobody can ignore it as electric cars are spacious enough that one can carry friends and family members and plan to visit long trips. Consumers who are looking to try the latest and innovative technology start moving towards electric vehicle types. If you are really wanted to contribute to your society and save up your money then go for buying EV for your use. You cannot ignore the unlimited advantages that an electric vehicle can give to you than other vehicles.


Disadvantages of Electric vehicles

Expensive than Gas vehicles.

Electric vehicles are more expensive than gas and fuel vehicles. Although investment in electric vehicles is long time saving due to low maintenance and less expensive to charge than fuel with gas. The battery of electric vehicles are very expensive but they come with an 8-10 year warranty. But our government trying their best to improve the Electric vehicle prices\battery prices and also they are taking necessary steps to increase the charging stations to improve the sale of electric vehicles.


Not Suitable for Long Journey

Electric vehicle averages are less than the fuel and gas-powered vehicles and if will go for a long trip then fewer charging stations are a big issue for these vehicles. Less availability of charging stations makes the trip hard.


Charging Takes Time

Electric vehicle charging takes a long hour to charge a battery. Before going on a long trip, the driver has to plan their trip carefully due to its average charger taking up at least eight hours to charge the full battery of electric vehicles. Apart from that on the charging station, it takes at least 30 minutes to charge the 80% battery.

I am sure this post would have been helpful to you to know about the Pros and Cons of Electric vehicles.


After all research, we can say that everything has two aspects. one bad and the other good. so we should have to read both before purchasing anything. After describing the Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles using Electric vehicles is a long-term savings and we should have to get steps ahead towards Electric vehicles.

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