Advantages of Electric vehicles

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Electric cars disadvantages

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Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers in India

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EV Charging Station in India

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Electric Scooters and Bikes-2023

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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles-The Future Vehicles of the World

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The Government of many countries is going towards Electric Vehicles and after a few years, Petrol, diesel, and CNG (Compressed Natural gas) vehicle will completely vanish from most of the country including India. India is currently in 7th position in terms of pollution and the pollution is increasing day by day. The electric vehicle is best to decarbonize the road trip. The purchase of electric vehicles is the first step to context the pollution in our Environment. Electric vehicles’ future is the best and most efficient. Apart from that electric vehicles runs with battery and battery charged from electric chargers which are very cheaper the Fuel, Diesel, and CNG.

E-vehicle not only decreases air pollution but also decrease sound pollution.

E-vehicle saves millions of dollars of fuels\gases, so electric vehicles are important in the growth of India’s we can say

Electric Vehicles-The Future Vehicles of the World

Not only electric cars increasing their popularity while consumers are also taking a good interest in Electric Scooters and Bikes. 

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Money saver and Eco Friendly


Future of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle technology is now being adopted by every country and governments including India are turning towards electric vehicles to control the pollution increasing day by day, in this article we are providing you the information that is Future of Electric Vehicle in India.
Electric vehicles are the best technology to decarbonize road transport and It is also helpful in reducing sound pollution.

Fuel vehicles will be vanished.

In this post, we will also inform you on the below points.

Recent years have seen very good and exponential growth in the sale of electric vehicles in India, a wider range of model availability in cars\E rickshaw\scooters\bike, etc., and with increased features. We estimate that in coming years the country will be Electric vehicles country.

According to sources, in the coming few years, e-vehicles will replace petrol\diesel\CNG.

 Electric vehicle future in India is best and Adopting e-vehicle technology is our first step towards stopping pollution

Good job opportunities.

.E-scooters, E Rickshaw, and Blue Star cabs are running on the road very widely .you can observe it from your surround. While Ola Uber still has not adopted electric vehicles in their range but in coming years, Soon Indian government will give notice to all cab services to change their fuel-based vehicles and add electric vehicles to their services. It may apply soon. The electric vehicle future in India is that every vehicle will be based on Electric instead of fuel vehicles till 2030 as the Government working on these projects and Electric vehicle sales are also increasing day by day. EV manufacturers are increasing their production due to consumer demands for electric and hybrid will open the huge door for job opportunities too. India is well on its way to becoming the hub of Electric vehicles and their parts and Ev batteries in the coming few years.


Future vehicles-demand of young genration


Electric vehicle history in India

Electric vehicles were launched in India in the 19th century while Reva electric cars were launched in 2001 but electric vehicle technology was growing from the 19th century in India. India’s first electric car got launched in 1993 and India’s first electric three-wheeler got launched in 1996and India’s first bus got launched in 2000.  REVA was the first electric car and this car made a big twist in the electric vehicles market .re REVA. Reva is India’s first successful electric car in INDIA. In the history of Eclectic vehicles in India the 19th-century Electric vehicles were discontinued by companies due to poor sales and too many technical problems.

But these days there many companies dine in collaboration with India’s companies to make successful Electric vehicles with the best affordable prices. Our Prime Minister has already planned for converting all vehicles in India to electric by 2030. Under the government’s new plans, every car sold in India will be electric by 2030.

Electric vehicles history was not too successful but in the coming year, electric vehicles take the place of all fuel vehicles to make India EV India.

What is an E-Vehicles?

Electrical vehicles are vehicles that operate on electric motors. It means E-vehicles are vehicles that don’t need any kind of fuel, or gases. Electric vehicles need electricity chargers to charge their battery. The concept of E-vehicles was approved by the government a long time back and according to sources, the 95 crores scheme has already been approved by Ministry. The government announced a finical incentive to manufacturers of E-vehicles sold in India.

There are many E-vehicles in India which are running on the road like Electric cab\E-rickshaw\E-scooter\E-bikes\E-cycles etc.

Type of E-vehicles

Most consumer are attracted to E-vehicles but some people don’t know about E-vehicles and few who knows about them don’t know the type of E-vehicles. This post is to inform you about the types of E-vehicles.

There are 4 types of Electric vehicles available in the market. Below is the list.

Battery Electric Vehicles which are called BEV

  1. Hybrid E-Vehicles-there two types of Hybrid vehicles1.Hybrid Electric vehicles which called (HEV) and other is Plug-in Hybrid E-vehicles which called PHEVs

  2. Fuel cell E-Vehicles

Battery E-Vehicles which called BEVs-

BEV is fully electric cars and their battery dawning current from the on-board battery pack. Bev cars required a charger to charge their battery which we can charge at home as well as charging stations.

Hybrid E-vehicles which called HEV-

A hybrid car is a normal car like any other .In simple words, we can say a hybrid car uses two engines. One is a petrol\diesel engine and the other is an electric motor. This technology is called hybrid. Hybrid E-vehicle technology drains a battery which is known as regenerative braking. It activates the electric motor system when the driver needs it in the opposite situation.

No need to plug in to charge the battery as it automatically charges their battery own.

Plug-in Hybrid E-Vehicle called PHEV also.

 PHEV is a vehicle that uses a combination of an electric power motor and an Internal fuel engine. PHEV has a big battery pack that allows it to run only on electric power at slower speeds. In simple words, we can drive it for a long with the use of electric power motors. We can charge the battery of a PHEV by plugging it into an external power source. The battery charged via regenerative braking or through the IC engine. The IC engine can take over and propel the vehicle during high-speed. In some situations, the electric motor can also assist the engine in better efficiency. A PHEV is similar to a hybrid vehicle except for the capability to run on pure electric power. PHEV has a bigger battery pack also.


Charging station
Electric vehicles
E-vehicles-the future vehicles of  world

charging station is a charging point that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles 

There are 2 types of charging stations.

 AC charging stations and DC charging stations.

DC charging station means Direct current . EV- Batteries can charged with direct current only . Electricity  delivered from the power grid ,that’s why most vehicles have in built AC-to-DC converter.”

 AC charging station means alternating current. AC power from the grid supplied to onboard charger which produces DC power to charge the battery. DC chargers facilitate higher power charging by building the converter into the charging station. This way station supplies DC power to the vehicle directly. Many Electric car models can accept both charging stations AC Based and DC power based.

Public charging stations are mainly available at shopping centers, malls, and parking areas.

We can also find the Ev charging station via Google Maps.

Private charging stations can be available at residences, workplaces, and hotels.

To Know more about Charging station, Franchises\Dealership Of Charging station and basic requirements to start this business .pls click below….

Electric Vehicle(EV)Charging station

The EV Industries are  growing all over the world .Due to the rise in crude oil prices, the governments are taking steps towards the E-vehicles . People also looking for alternative sources to reduce their bills. However, a mass shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs requires expansion of infrastructure facilities. Governments of all countries are working to increase the charging stations and range of e-vehicles.

We hope this information about Electric vehicles will be useful to you. For more information please stay tuned with us.


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