EV Charging Station in India

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station also known as an EV charging point or EV charging station. EV station is a location where electric vehicles can connect to the electric grid to recharge their batteries. EV charging stations come in various types and levels, offering different charging speeds and capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners. Here are some key points about EV charging stations:

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

Types of EV Charging Stations:


Level 1 Charging: This type of charging utilize low voltage and it is the slowest form of charging (120 volts AC). It’s best suited for overnight charging and provides a low charging rate.

Level 2 Charging: This type of charging utilizes higher voltage (usually 240 volts AC) from above and provides faster charging compared to Level 1.Also, Level 2 charging stations are normally setup in public places, workplaces, and residential areas.

DC Fast Charging (Level 3 Charging): DC fast charging stations deliver high-voltage DC electricity directly to the vehicle’s battery, enabling rapid charging. These stations are typically found along highways and major travel routes, offering quick charging stops for long-distance traveling.

Apart from above, below component should also be available at an EV Charging stations.

Components of an EV Charging Station:

Below component should be available at an EV Charging stations.

Charging Unit: The physical equipment that connects to the vehicle and delivers electricity.

Connector Types: Different types of connectors (e.g., CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla Supercharger) are using by various EV manufacturers. The connector type determines compatibility.

Payment and Authentication System: Many charging stations requires users authentication and payment for charging services .This can be done through mobile apps, RFID cards, or credit cards.

Networking and Monitoring: Some stations are connected to a network and allowing operators to monitor and manage charging sessions remotely.

Power Management: In locations with multiple charging stations as power management systems distribute available electricity among them to prevent overloading.

After getting information about component of an EV Charging Station ,if you are thinking about to purchase the E vehicles then you should have information of Charging Station Locations also.

Charging Station Locations:

future of E vehicles charging stations

you can take help of Google Map to reach the charging stations. This is best and easy way to reach there.

Step-1:-Just click on Google map

Step-2:-search charging station near me and you will get the result just in a click.

Charging station near me
Charging station near me

Also you can get the charging at below locations too.

Public Charging Stations: These are installing in public areas such as shopping centers, parking lots, and along roads for easy access to charging for EV owners.

Workplace Charging: Some companies provide EV charging stations for their employees to encourage electric vehicle adoption and their popularity .

Residential Charging: EV owners often install Level 2 charging stations at their homes for convenient overnight charging.

Charging Speed and Time:

Charging speed measured in kilowatts (kW) and higher charging speeds result in faster battery replenishment.

Also, Charging time varies based on the EV’s battery capacity, charging speed and starting state of charge.

Future Trends:

As in our previous articles we have already explained that EV adoption continues to grow. The availability of charging stations are expecting to increasing along with advancements in charging technology. Innovations like wireless charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems are being exploring to enhance convenience and grid stability.

Overall, the development of a robust EV charging infrastructure is crucial to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and to reduce reliance on internal combustion engine vehicles, thus contributing to environmental sustainability and help to reduced carbonized gas.
Appx. 5500 public charging stations are currently running in India and to meet the target goal, India needs a total of 46,500 stations. The electric vehicles sales are increasing day by day and in upcoming years its demands will be high. So, if you are thinking to take franchise of charging station then can go ahead with this because future of E vehicles charging stations are bright and successful.

EV-Charging station Dealership

EV charging station in India setup is best and affordable\profitable business and you can start this business in investment of 5Lakhs-10Lakhs. Morrison garage, Tata, Hyundai, , Mahindra, and Nissan Etc. These are the companies which produces four-wheelers. Hero electric ,TVS, Honda, Ola, Simple One, Okinawa, Ather, Ultraviolet, Ampere and Stella Automobile are producing the two wheelers. All above companies are giving their charging station franchises also. So you can take franchises any of them.             if you will stay with us then we will also provide the information on best  EV Charging Station Dealership and you can start this business with low amounts.

Best and affordable\profitable business
Best and affordable\profitable business


To setup the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station you Must have the basic requirement of EV Charging station as below…..

  • Parking space for vehicles.
  • Starting investment of ₹5-10 lakhs.
  • Fulfil the all requirements of selected company.
  • Should be Local certifications
  • transformer should be close to the charging station
  • if no transformer available then Renewable source to be available

An EV charging station is a place where E-vehicles can charged. So there should be enough place which has many charging spots for cars & 2-wheelers also. But we can say that It is a highly profitable business, and you’ll need between ₹5-10 lakhs to get started this business. The total investment will depend on power output, setup and handling charges, and most important market value of selected company.

Apart from above, there are a few more upfront expenses like electricity connection, civil work, maintenance, and  leasing the land (the cost will vary according to size and location).

Top EV Charging Station Franchises In India

In above article ,you got the information about EV charging station in India ,charging locations, cost and basic requirements to setup the charging station. Now, let’s look at the top companies that offer charging point franchises!


TATA is world best reputed companies, and now a day they are launching lots of E vehicles and they are providing their dealership also. you cab get their franchise in very easy step.To apply for their franchise, go to their official website , click on EV charging solutions & choose the EV charging solution you need. Once you submit the information, the chat bot will reply immediately. Make sure submitting information about your business should be valid details including name, company, email address, mobile number, billing, HR, project, and SED.

2. Delta Electronics India Franchise

Delta is India’s largest EV Charging provider with wide variety of charging equipment, DC Quick Chargers and AC EV Chargers. Also, it provides a  parking lots, workplaces, and residential structures to start the business with them. 

3. Charge+Zone

Charge+Zone is also one of the best company which manufacture eco-friendly EVs, and are also providing franchises to start a new business. Its Mobile app is best part of this company  that helps EV owners locate charging stations near them. If you want to take franchise of this company then simply contact them via call, text, or email. Before applying, however, check eligibility conditions and investment amount to avoid last-minute issues.

4. Mass-Tech

Mass-Tech Industrial is among the leading manufacturers to efficient battery chargers and control panels. Mass-Tech has provided battery charging equipment, DC distribution board, and converters. It has started EV charging stations from 10kv to 200kv also.

5. PlugNGO

PlugNGO offers 3 franchise options ,Pls read below carefully

 Franchise-Option 1:
  • PlugNgo software app
  • Appx.100-Square feet land
  • 24 X 7 availability
  • 3 EV chargers to charge vehicles
  • Transformer with 140KW Electricity Load


Franchise-Option 2:
  • 18 KW charger
  • Electricity load – 20 KW
  • Appx.200-Square feet land


Franchise-option 3:
  • 13 KW DC charger and 18 KW AC/DC charger
  • Appx.500-Square feet land
  • Electricity load – 50 KW

The E Vehicles selling are increasing day by day and government are also taking necessary steps to attract the peoples towards the E-vehicles. If E vehicles will be  increased then obviously charging station will also be increased so this is the right time to start this business.

Good Luck! stay with us for more information about Electric vehicles. Must read below to know more about Electric vehicles.

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