Advantages of Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are increasing their popularity day by day, and people are looking toward electric vehicles to buy. The electric vehicles are not just Eco-friendly but also help save money. If you want to buy Electric cars/vehicles, then must know about the advantages of electric vehicles.   Energy efficient-Renewable energy source conventional automobile function reduces … Read more

EV Charging Stations Franchise 2023-24

The best EV Charging station franchise, in simpler terms, is a company that offers opportunities for individuals or businesses to own and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations under their brand and support. These franchisers provide the necessary technology, equipment, and expertise to set up and manage EV charging stations, allowing franchisees to enter the … Read more

Electric cars disadvantages

Electric Cars Disadvantages While electric cars have many advantages, such as being environmentally friendly and cost-effective to operate, they also have some Electric Cars Disadvantages. It’s essential to consider these drawbacks when deciding whether an electric car is right for you: Limited Range: Electric cars typically have a shorter driving range on a single charge … Read more

Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers in India

Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers in India Several companies in India were involved in electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing or related technologies. However,  EV industry is rapidly evolving, and new developments might have occurred since then. Here are some notable Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers in India. Tata Chemicals: Tata Chemicals operates in the electric vehicle battery … Read more

EV Charging Station in India

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station also known as an EV charging point or EV charging station. EV station is a location where electric vehicles can connect to the electric grid to recharge their batteries. EV charging stations come in various types and levels, offering different charging speeds and capabilities to cater to the diverse needs … Read more

Electric Scooters and Bikes-2023

Are you looking for an Electric two-wheeler then Infoelectricvehicle is best for you to get all the information about Electric Scooters and Bikes- 2023.   There are various manufacturers like Honda, Ola, Tvs wheelers, and others who sell electric bikes/motorcycles and Electric cycles. Two vehicles are starting from 25000-upto Rs 1,70,000.Ola S1-Rs. 1.30Lakh appx. is … Read more